Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Touchdown Tony Crowne

Touchdown Tony Crowne and the Case of the Missing Cheerleader (Tony Crowne Mysteries #1) by Peter Guy George (Self-Published, 2013, 343pp.)

For fifth grader Tony Crowne and friends, the school year is starting off great. He’s got a prime spot on the school’s peewee football team and he’s just made a new friend in the clumsy but faithful Judd Judson. In addition, his other best friend, Ashley, was picked for the cheerleading team over her bullying nemesis, Felicity Whittaker. Then, right before kickoff at the biggest football game of the year, Tony realizes that Ashley is missing. Remembering Felicity’s vow to get even with Ashley for being snubbed during tryouts, Tony enlists the assistance of retired detective Bougereau to help solve the case. A charming detective mystery for sports lovers Ages 9-12.

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